Who Shapes South Asia’s Climate Future? An Opinion by Joydeep Gupta

In a thought-provoking opinion piece on The Third Pole, Joydeep Gupta delves into the evolving landscape of climate decision-making in South Asia. As the impacts of climate change loom large, Gupta argues that closer collaboration between governments, communities, and businesses is essential for informed and effective climate policies. However, he highlights a concerning trend in South Asia, where critical climate decisions are increasingly being made by a select few, sidelining the broader consensus-building process that democracies thrive on. As Gupta aptly puts it, “the people most impacted by the effects of climate change have no say over how they are dealt with.” This statement underscores the urgency of reevaluating climate decision-making processes. Gupta’s exploration invites readers to ponder who truly wields influence over South Asia’s climate future. For a comprehensive examination of this issue, click here to read the full opinion piece on The Third Pole’s website.